Three Reasons Why You Are Not Living Your Dream Life

By Gary Evans

Are you living your dream life? If not, there are three main reasons why this is so. They may sound simple, and in a way they are. Like everything else, they are habits, and habits can be changed. It’s a matter of putting your attention on making the desired changes.

The first reason you may not be living your dream life is…

That you don’t have any idea what your dream life would look like. This is often pointed out in books and workshops on goals. You can’t very well achieve goals you’ve never set! Your dream life is related to this, but a little different, and actually more important even than goals. For when we talk about a dream life, we mean the sum total of everything you want. It is more of a picture than a goal. This is how some people lose sight of it, or never set their sites on it in the first place. Just because it’s a “big picture” kind of vision doesn’t mean it’s too big or intangible for you to map out.

You don’t need to know all the specific details of what your dream life will look like, but you do need to know the general outline. For example, you probably can say or write down the kind of home you’d like to live in, the kind of relationships, the kind of health and the kind of financial situation. Put all of this down in the form of affirmations or goal statements. You can also create a “dream board” to go along with the statements -images that are visual representations of what you’d like to attract. Remember, your life doesn’t have to exactly replicate the pictures you choose. These are only guidelines, but very important all the same, as it gives your imagination something to work towards.

The second big reason people don’t live their dream lives is…

That they don’t believe it’s possible. In some cases, this is related to reason Number One. If we don’t believe something is possible, we may not even try to create a mental image of it. Or, you may consciously know what you want, but simply believe you don’t deserve it or that you aren’t talented or lucky enough to attain it. To change this belief, you must first consciously affirm a more basic belief -that your beliefs themselves can be changed! Once you accept this, you are then free to change any of your beliefs, and you should start with the most self-limiting ones.

If this applies to you, you may want to work on this before you even start to outline your dream life. Set aside a month to work on your belief that you can change your beliefs, that you can attract what you want, that you deserve everything you want. From this point you can begin to attract more specific outcomes.

The third big reason why you may not be living your dream life is…

That you are too busy living your “real,” “practical” life. I put these in quotes, because when people put their dreams on hold, they often justify this by saying that their current reality represents what is practical while their dreams are just that -dreams and fantasies.

If you want to live your dream life, you must give it some time and energy -right now. How long it takes to manifest your dreams is not really the point, because once you make the decision to value them you are already well on your way.

Even if you feel like you have little time or resources to devote to creating a new, dream life, you always have more time and energy than you think. Remember, every thought that you think attracting your future circumstances, and everyone has time to think. You are doing it all day anyway, so the point is to redirect your thoughts in the direction of your dreams. You don’t necessarily have to think up grand, completely original ideas (though you may do this at times). Often, all you have to do is shift your awareness about your present circumstances. Your dream life, after all, is not so much about your physical reality as about how you feel about yourself and your life. And this can be changed at any moment.

In summary, we can turn around the three reasons you are not living your dream life into three strategies to start living your dream life today.

  1. Get a picture of what your dream life looks and feels like.
  2. Learn to believe that it is possible to live your dreams.
  3. Focus your energy on living your dreams, not on what you may have defined as reality in the past.

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