Restoring Yourself To Wholeness

Restoring Yourself to Wholeness

By Chris Cade
Spiritual Development

One of my favorite two-word phrases in the English language is: All One. I believe that when we understand this phrase with every fiber of our being, it unlocks our highest potential and reason for being here.

Now, at this point in history, variations of that phrase have become common place to the point of being cliché. The phrase even appears on the soap I use. In fact, this is what attracted me to read the label on Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap in the first place. The cliché quality of the phrase notwithstanding, I believe that our take on that phrase tells us a lot about who we are.

Throughout human history many spiritual traditions have stood as a beacon for the fact that: We Are All One. The Hindu text, the Rig Veda states this well: “The One manifests as the many, the formless putting on forms.” How each tradition characterizes the nature of our Oneness generates its particular perspective from which its practices grow and develop.

With the advent of Quantum Physics, science has joined this exploration in its search for a Unified Field Theory. Gregg Braden enters the conversation as someone who both appreciates scientific research and reveres the wisdom of ancient traditions. It is his blend of research, reverence, and personal experience that makes his work so powerful and compelling.

Gregg Braden is a New York Times bestselling author and a featured presenter at international events that explore the relationship of science, ancient wisdom, spirituality, and the evolution of human consciousness.

In this article, I draw upon material in Braden’s book entitled “The Divine Matrix” (Hay House 2007) to show how understanding ourselves as part of the One Field fundamentally transforms our life experience and awakens our highest potential.

So how does Braden characterize the nature of our Oneness? In the most general sense: On page 57 he says: “The Divine Matrix is everywhere and everything.”

More specifically, he cites Four Discoveries About the Divine Matrix (TDM p. xxi):
1.There is a field of energy that connects all of creation.
2.This field plays the role of a container, a bridge, and a mirror for the beliefs within us.
3.The field is non-local and holographic. In other words, every part of the field is connected to every other and each piece mirrors the whole but on a smaller scale.
4.We communicate with the field through the language of emotion.

Everything is Energy

According to Braden, “The key to mastering this place of pure energy is to know that it exists, to understand how it works, and finally to speak the language that it recognizes.” (TDM p. 4)

So Braden views the One within the language of “energy.” Quantum Physics agrees with ancient traditions in seeing the fundamental “stuff” of creation as energetic vibration. At the subatomic level, everything is energy. The reason that we see ourselves and all things as solid matter instead has to do with the nature of our five senses and our habits of perception.

When we adjust our perception to see everything as energy, it opens us to the possibilities that are characteristic of energy.

First of all, when we experience ourselves as energy, versus being solid-state, particle matter, we understand ourselves in a more fluid, adaptable way. When we view ourselves as dense matter, we are more likely to feel stuck or frozen in our habits or ruts. Energy, on the other hand, can easily change states, it can transform.

Energy is much more akin to how we experience our thoughts and feelings. We can understand how these like substances can affect each other. Hence, when we view our selves as energy, we become more open to understanding how our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs affect our state of being. When all is energy, inside us and outside us, it is a short step to understanding how we can transform our lives by changing our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about ourselves and about the field around us.

Secondly, when we see ourselves as energy, it is also a short step to experiencing ourselves as part of the One Energetic Field, rather than separate from it.

The Lost Connection

Why is this important? To answer this, Braden relates a story told to him by one of his Native American friends. His friend describes how in the course of human history the dominant culture lost their awareness of their unity with all of creation. We came to view ourselves as separate individuals struggling to survive in a harsh environment.

When this happened, we lost our connection to our inner knowing and power. As his friend said to Braden: “The farther they wandered from their inner power, the more cluttered their outer lives became with the things that they believed would make them happy. . .” Braden’s comment on this story is that “the farther we stray from our natural relationship with the earth, our bodies, one another, and God, the emptier we become. In our emptiness, we strive to fill our inner void with things.” (TDM p.7)

The fundamental error in our perception, that we are independent, isolated, material entities struggling to survive, slants our perception of what is possible. It gives us a false belief that other isolated entities, or things, will provide us with health, happiness, and survival. The truth is: no thing can ever supply us with our missing sense of connection. As a result, we find ourselves consuming things in an endless chase based upon a false assumption.

Restoring Wholeness

Realizing our fundamental Oneness with all of creation is the first step to restoring ourselves to internal wholeness and to finding the peace and happiness that we are seeking. Furthermore, when we understand that we inhabit a “participatory universe” that responds to our needs and desires, our experience of life changes in a fundamental way.

Not only are we part of the whole, but the field itself has certain characteristics that give us tremendous power to shape our reality. As Braden says, the field is non-local and holographic. This means that every thought, feeling, belief, and action reverberates throughout the whole instantaneously and everywhere.

How we “are,” the state of our being, our consciousness, plays a significant role in the possibilities that we perceive and realize in this life. We can use this information to consciously participate in manifesting the lives we are meant to live.

We are each here with purpose. There is a life of greater health, happiness, and meaning available to us. That life can begin with recognizing that we are energy and, together, we are all part of the One Energetic Field.

Practice this insight and see what happens. Look at yourself and those around you as energetic beings, as co-participants in the Divine Matrix. Feel your energetic connection with everyone and everything. Discover the positive difference this awareness can make in your life.

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