How Some People Sabotage Their Own Success

By Kenneth Ho

The subconscious mind is basically sensitive to three things: Affirmation, Visualization and Emotion. These are the three basic ways through which the subconscious mind is programmed and reprogrammed.

All the three ways to reprogram the subconscious mind are important. But if you were to point a gun at me and force me to rank their importance in terms of their effectiveness in influencing the subconscious mind, I will rank Emotion, followed by Visualization and then Affirmation.

Unfortunately, not many people understand how the subconscious mind works and how their emotions play an important role in their success or failure in life.

As a result, they always sabotage their own success. Here is how......

Let me ask you a question.

When was the last time you were worried about something? How long did you spend worrying about it? 1 day? 1 week? Forever?

Now, when was the last time you were happy about something (for example, achieving something of significant importance)? How long did you spend indulging yourself in that happy moment?

I remembered when I got my first-class honors degree, I was only happy for a short while. On the other hand, when my business did not do well, I spent weeks worrying about anything and everything under the sun.

The point I'm trying to make here is most people spend a lot of time pondering over their problems rather than remembering their successful experience.

Since emotion is a very powerful tool to reprogram the subconscious mind, these people have successfully reprogrammed their subconscious mind with all the fears, doubts and worries that they have. They spend more time planting negative seeds into their subconscious mind than planting positive seeds.

Remember, your subconscious mind cannot differentiate what's real or vividly imagined. As long as the message is repeated, especially when it is coupled with strong emotions, your subconscious mind will think that you like it. It will then present more of these situations for you!

This is how MOST people sabotage their success!

What I do now is I always keep myself in a positive mental attitude instead of worrying. I always recall the time when I have successfully accomplished something and keep the feeling with me.

As you cut down your worries and increase your positive emotions, you will realize that your circumstances start to change. You will have more happy experiences and less unhappy ones.

You see, everything that happens to your is governed by the law of cause and effect. What you are experiencing now is the effect that arises due to the cause you've planted some time ago.

You worry because you experience a negative effect. But when you worry, you are at the same time planting a negative cause which will grow and become another effect in the future. So why sabotage yourself? Stop worrying and be happy!

In life, we have to learn to separate experience from emotion. What is happening to us is just an experience. No one says that we must attach our emotion to that experience. Yet, we have been conditioned by the society that when something bad happens, we should feel worried, feel sad, feel troubled.

Let me give you a blatant illustration. If someone slap you, how would you feel? Angry? Being slapped is an experience but feeling angry is an emotion that you choose to have. No one says you must feel angry, but somehow the society has conditioned us to think that way.

You have the power to choose what emotion you want to have. That's the power of your conscious mind. Use your conscious mind to control your emotion. The starting phase is always tough. But once the subconscious takes over the job, it will be natural and easy.

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