Don’t Let The Losers Stomp On Your Dreams.

by Wendy Streater

Do you have a dream? Is it a little ambitious? Is it a little risky? Does it make you feel alive?

So many of us have had a dream and let others tell us our dream is impossible. Even worse is the humiliation, when we are told to act our age, or laughed at for being the wrong shape or size to follow our dream. The embarrassment of having our dreams ridiculed is usually enough for most of us to stop dreaming, to give up hope, to stop trying to live a fulfilling life.

There are very few like Thomas Edison, who can keep on trying, even after failure and ridicule. There are not many like Galileo, who are willing to risk death and dishonour for their dreams and ideas.

Most of us are regular people who are afraid of....

What exactly are we afraid of? If our friends ridicule us for our dreams, perhaps it's time to get new friends. If our fellow workers laugh at us perhaps it's because they are afraid, or mourning the loss of their own dreams. If our family advise us to forget our dream it is perhaps because they want to keep us from the pain of embarrassment or the danger of stepping off the path.

Is it possible you are letting those without dreams tell you how to live? Do you want to live like them? By following the advice of those without dreams, are we not condemning ourselves to lives without dreams? Do you want to be like them? Do you want to live a life without hope or dreams?

The best people to tell your dream to are the people who have had a dream and followed it to fruition. Successful people are those who follow their dreams, in spite of any who say it can't be done. You will find many successful people will support you and your dream. They won't laugh or try to kill your dream. If it were not for their dreams, they would be just like everyone else.

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