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The Truth About The Truth

By John Smith

There are many words in the English language that are frequently used, while many of us have little or no understanding of their true meaning. One of these words is “truth”. When thinking about this concept in preparation for this article, the thought, “What is the truth about the truth” suddenly came to me, which I then decided to use as the title. Let us examine and discover what truth is really all about.

Firstly, let us look at the meaning of the word. The Collins Pocket Preference English Dictionary provides, amongst others, the following meanings - “in accordance with facts, accurate and correct”. The first meaning, “in accordance with facts” immediately raises an important question; namely how do we know if the facts are correct, or the truth for that matter. I think it is safe to state that not all facts are correct. That is the difference between truth and error. Upon further analysis though, there is another aspect to this statement that provides a clue as to what truth really is. Read the statement again and see if you notice. The clue lies in the words “accordance with”. A synonym for the word “accord” is “agreement”. In other words, truth implies agreement. Agreement with what? Before we answer that question, let us philosophise a little about the concept of truth.

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