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Kim Olver

We have been taught to believe trust is a commodity to be earned by others. Once they have passed certain tests, then we feel safe to extend our trust. I would like to entertain the idea that trust can be a verb, rather than a noun. It's a choice you make and says much more about you than it does the person to whom you are extending that trust.

When you are involved in a relationship and you say you trust that person, it is more than a noun. It's not just a thing you extend to a person like a gift--it is followed up with behaviors--things you do and things you don't do.

When you trust someone, you know he or she will do the right thing. You know they have their affairs (no pun intended) under control. They are faithful and loyal. You don't need constant reassurance of this--you just know.

What you don't do is constantly grill a person about where he or she is and with whom he or she is spending time. You don't have him or her followed looking for proof of infidelity. You don't snoop around in his or her personal belongings or private places. You trust that he or she can be trusted.

Trusting has so much more to do with who you are as a person than it does with who your partner is. When you are secure in yourself and know that you are worthy to receive love, then it is natural to trust.

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The Perfect Plan

By Chuck Danes


Do you sometimes feel that life’s unfair, that future hope is bleak?
Do your day to day experiences leave your spirit feeling weak?
Do you ever think the joys in life are reserved for just a few?
That your hopes and dreams you’ll never reach no matter what you do.

Have you ever thought how hard it is to get ahead these days?
That strain and strife are part of life and nothing you do pays?
If you do, take heart my friend, so many think this way.
But there is hope a brighter path that you can take today.

It will require a shift in thought, it may challenge your beliefs
But it will guide you to a life of joy, content, relief.
So listen closely and absorb this perfect plan I share
Implement these steps you’ll learn and soon you’ll be aware

Of a life that’s filled with joy beyond your wildest dreams
Regardless what "appears" to be no matter how life seems.
Focus your attention on what you soon will learn
The wisdom in it, if acted on will provide those things you yearn

The answers are available just seek and you will find
That all which you’ve experienced is a product of your mind
These troubles you encounter now that you feel get in your way
Are due to thoughts, emotions felt that you had yesterday.

For long ago the plan was made which allowed you to be free
From all these limitations that you now perceive to be
You have been given power which you’re not yet aware
It’s through misuse of this gift that’s created your despair

For in the plan there came a clause that remains within it still
That each and every soul on earth be entitled to free will
You chose to limit your results by absorbing false belief
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Universal Laws That Govern Your Experience Of Life

The purpose of this article is to share vital information that has the potential of revolutionizing our lives if we truly grasp the importance of it. The core value of all those who seek to bring about transformation in their lives should be knowledge. There is a biblical principle that states, “People perish for a lack of knowledge.” This implies that the reason we fail in any area of life is due to a lack of knowledge in that area. It is important to understand the following:

  • Our # 1 enemy is ignorance
  • Our # 1 obstacle is our conditioning

The fact the ignorance is the enemy speaks for itself. Understand that ignorance has nothing to do with intelligence, but with whether or not you have the correct knowledge you require to deal wisely with any matter. Ignorance not only implies lack of knowledge, but also incorrect knowledge. The question is whether your knowledge is empowering or dis-empowering you. The fact that conditioning is an obstacle may not be that obvious. Someone once said that “we don’t see the world as it is, but as we are”. This simply means that we interpret and perceive the situations, circumstances and events in our lives according to what we have been conditioned to believe from childhood, with information that few of us ever questioned or challenged. In this article we are going to examine truth that will hopefully challenge some of our dis-empowering conditioning.

In a previous article on the topic of universal laws and principles, we looked at the fact that every aspect of life, whether objective or subjective, is governed by immutable laws that we either obey or violate. If we obey these laws and learn how to implement them correctly, we reap the benefits and blessings that are inherent to these laws. Through correct implementation, we activate the inherent principles that create what we experience in our lives. This applies in reverse when we violate a universal law. When we do, we suffer the consequences which are inherent to violating these laws, this time in the form of suffering and pain, which we may perceive as punishment.

It is imperative to understand that as long as we try to change the circumstances, situations and events that are causing us pain in our lives, we are merely dealing with effects or symptoms. This is tantamount to trying to cure a brain tumour by taking medication for the ensuing headaches. When we learn to deal with the cause by questioning what the origin of our apparent suffering is, we are then more open to learn the lessons of how and where we are violating universal laws and make the necessary changes. This can be achieved by learning about these laws that determine our experience of life.

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Is Life Fair?

By John Smith

As Featured On EzineArticles

"Life is not fair!" Have you ever heard that comment before? Have you ever said that yourself? Is it normal to sometimes feel that way? I would dare to say that very few people have never felt that way. However, because we feel a certain way about something, does that mean it is true?

Let us examine the key words in this statement, namely "life" and "fair". We glibly use the word "life" but do we understand what it really means? What is life? Most people understand that to mean "my life", that which I experience on a daily basis, for which many blame circumstances outside of themselves. For many, life happens to them, like an event that they have little or no control over. Many experience a sense of helplessness, being a victim to life. However, "my life" or in a truer sense, my "life situation" or "life experience" is only a part of the equation of what life really is.

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A Life Of Purpose

By Bill Burridge

New Insights Africa Life Coach Traning


"The purpose of life is a life of purpose." Ok, I have to agree that this is a pretty common saying amongst the life coaching fraternity - but in this complex 'game' we call life, I can't help believing that this little phrase provides a tantalizing clue to what it takes to be a winner! The trouble is, for so many of us, understanding our true life purpose is just not that easy or simple. Can you say, categorically, hand on heart, that you know with clarity what your life purpose is? And if you're one of the fortunate mortals who answered yes to this question, here's another: "Are you living your life on purpose?" Thanks, in large part, to my introduction to life coaching, I now know what my life purpose is, I can honestly say that I feel I am really starting to live it and my life is certainly changing for the better. But you know what? Continue reading