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Ignorance, Conditioning and Commitment

By John Smith

Most people have at some point expressed the desire for some form of change in one or more areas in their lives. However, making the commitment to do what is necessary to effect the desired change is something few are willing to do. Most would like their circumstances and situations to change, but few are willing to take full responsibility for their lives and make the necessary changes within themselves. In your personal experience, how many people do you know that you can truly say have taken full responsibility for their lives, including their mistakes and failures, as opposed to blaming others and playing the victim? Why is it that so many people would rather continue being miserable in some area of their lives, rather than take responsibility and do what is necessary to bring about change?

This article is devoted to those who are not only desirous of change, but are also willing to take responsibility and commit themselves to the mechanics of the process of change. I want to share some information that has helped me greatly on my personal journey towards change.

Let us look at three issues that play an important role in the process of change.

  • Our number one enemy is ignorance.
  • Our number one obstacle is our conditioning.
  • Our number one challenge is commitment.

Let us consider the first point - our number one Enemy - Ignorance.

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