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The Perfect Plan

By Chuck Danes


Do you sometimes feel that life’s unfair, that future hope is bleak?
Do your day to day experiences leave your spirit feeling weak?
Do you ever think the joys in life are reserved for just a few?
That your hopes and dreams you’ll never reach no matter what you do.

Have you ever thought how hard it is to get ahead these days?
That strain and strife are part of life and nothing you do pays?
If you do, take heart my friend, so many think this way.
But there is hope a brighter path that you can take today.

It will require a shift in thought, it may challenge your beliefs
But it will guide you to a life of joy, content, relief.
So listen closely and absorb this perfect plan I share
Implement these steps you’ll learn and soon you’ll be aware

Of a life that’s filled with joy beyond your wildest dreams
Regardless what "appears" to be no matter how life seems.
Focus your attention on what you soon will learn
The wisdom in it, if acted on will provide those things you yearn

The answers are available just seek and you will find
That all which you’ve experienced is a product of your mind
These troubles you encounter now that you feel get in your way
Are due to thoughts, emotions felt that you had yesterday.

For long ago the plan was made which allowed you to be free
From all these limitations that you now perceive to be
You have been given power which you’re not yet aware
It’s through misuse of this gift that’s created your despair

For in the plan there came a clause that remains within it still
That each and every soul on earth be entitled to free will
You chose to limit your results by absorbing false belief
The plan designed to bring you joy through your own choice brought you grief Continue reading

Don’t Let The Losers Stomp On Your Dreams.

by Wendy Streater

Do you have a dream? Is it a little ambitious? Is it a little risky? Does it make you feel alive?

So many of us have had a dream and let others tell us our dream is impossible. Even worse is the humiliation, when we are told to act our age, or laughed at for being the wrong shape or size to follow our dream. The embarrassment of having our dreams ridiculed is usually enough for most of us to stop dreaming, to give up hope, to stop trying to live a fulfilling life.

There are very few like Thomas Edison, who can keep on trying, even after failure and ridicule. There are not many like Galileo, who are willing to risk death and dishonour for their dreams and ideas.

Most of us are regular people who are afraid of....

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