Time Paradigm Technique

Time Paradigm Technique (Timeline Therapy) is based upon discovering how clients store memories and interact with time, and discovering the root cause of all negative emotions, limiting beliefs and limiting decisions that have been created in the past. Through Time Paradigm Technique we release all the client's negative emotions that do not benefit the client in any way and that can contribute towards the degradation of their personal health.

Along with releasing all negative emotions, through Time Paradigm Technique, we also release all client limiting beliefs and limiting decisions such as "I'm not good enough", "I can't make enough money", "I can't have a great relationship" etc, which basically undermine our own potential and ability to do anything we want in our life, and people become their worst enemy by discouraging themselves with their limiting beliefs and limiting decisions.

Time Paradigm Technique provides the tools that help people live their life without limitations, and create a compelling future for themselves that is attainable and what they want deep down in their core.