Process Work

This variation of Jungian Psychology is based on the theory that the unconscious mind manifests itself through physical symptoms, addictions, social and mental tensions, and relationship challenges as well as through dreams.

The purpose of Process Work is not necessarily to bring about change as it is to bring about awareness of underlying causes that precipitate current conditions – what is being communicated by the unconscious. This awareness allows us to follow the required processes that will lead to finding real meaning and purpose in whatever it is that we are experiencing.

The current symptoms, behaviours or conditions (primary process) are signals pointing towards the real underlying message containing the real meaning and purpose (secondary process) of the behaviour, through which we ultimately transform. The behaviour is often a reflection of an edge (enforced by edge figures, either supporting or fighting against the edge) against a deep desire or intention. This can cause us to unconsciously turn our power against ourselves, creating e.g. symptoms.

This process can work through various channels that need to be identified. We need to learn how to unfold the meaning embedded in these signals. For example an illness may be requesting integration, creating consciousness by creating pain.

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