Overcome Habits and Addicitons Through NLP

It is common knowledge that most programs and techniques aimed at changing habits like smoking or over-eating or even more addictive behaviors prove ineffective in achieving long-term desired results. The reason is that these programs deal with the symptoms and not the underlying causes of the symptoms. Only when these underlying causes are dealt with will any additional programs and techniques  contribute to the desired outcomes.

Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) uses a variety of techniques to make changes to your conscious and unconscious mind. If your habits or addictions have connections to negative thoughts and beliefs in your past life, NLP can help you desensitize to those associations. If cravings for your habits are out of control, NLP techniques can install positive triggers for you to use each time a craving occurs. Should other factors be the cause of your habits, such as means of escape from stress, anxiety or an unfulfilled life, NLP can help you set goals that can push aside the need for escaping and detaching from your current predicament and boost your self-esteem.

If your habit is formed by deep-rooted habits, NLP coupled with hypnosis can unlock the subconscious part of the mind where those habits reside. Hypnotic suggestion can alter the way your mind perceives negative feelings so it can powerfully overcome the need to interact with your habit. NLP, plus your willingness and motivation to overcome your problem, can prove a powerful way of challenging and overcoming a habit.

NLP Presuppositions...