Hi John

Herewith just again a word of thanks for the talk of last night, from all of us – for different individuals it meant different things, ranging from awesome, inspiring new information, to the final repeat of before-heard info that will lead to finally starting to implement it, to welcome affirmation that all/some one is doing if already on the road to recovery, is still on the right track, with guiding pointers where necessary – and also extremely useful information to equip one to be better armed to help others – very important with us, as support and help, staff-to-residents as well as peer-to-peer amongst residents, is what we’re all about.

Highest and kindest regards,
Elmar Botha
Talisman Foundation

Dearest John,
Thank you SO much for being a part of my journey back to myself.
Your incredibly calm manner made believing in the process so much easier – and any resistance inside me fell gently away. You have a magical way of helping one to let the unconscious mind take over, and surrender to the healing, sans judgement from the conscious mind!! My self-talk does not switch off easily, but with you it disappeared altogether – you are truly a skilled coach!!
I wish you great luck with your future coaching – and can’t wait to hear more stories of how you have helped the less fortunate in our society regain their strength and self-appreciation.
With love and light.


The staff of the Endangered Wildlife Trust had the privilege of attending one of John’s Personal Branding courses.
The course which was aimed at equipping our staff with the skills and knowledge to improve their own personal branding was expertly delivered with John successfully engaging and inspiring the delegates throughout the various levels, even though the course was specifically designed for senior management. He demonstrated good technical knowledge and furnished us with some inspiring and interesting information on the physiological behaviour of human beings. We will all remember the quote learnt “Before We Can Succeed In Anything We Need To Become Equal To Our Aspirations”
HR Department
Endangered Wildlife Trust


Just want to say thank you so much John for taking the time to have this workshop. As we all know there is no quick fix and that any transformation takes constant everyday affirmations and practice. But we can all do this. We can make a difference in our own lives. Surround yourselves with like-minded positive people. This really helps.  Also start to practice an attitude of gratitude every single day, be thankful for everything you have, no matter how small and remember what you speak about...you bring about, so be aware of your thoughts all the time for your thoughts will influence your actions.


Hi John and TTK
I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for the role you played in helping me become one of the very few (sadly) who make it through addiction.

When you met me I was an absolute mess with very little hope and yet with your unconditional acceptance and love you ended up playing an integral role in my recovery. I often think about where my life was at, where it could have been today and where it actually is and the conclusion is always this:

I am so fortunate that I have been blessed with an amazing second chance and whilst there are regrets (and still some distance to travel), nothing compares to the feeling of knowing I'm finally free and am not on that ultimate of destructive paths.
With love and fondness


I am testament to TTK, or better said, I am grateful to John for his patience and emotional & mental guidance into my life! He played a key role in my transformation and discovery of my potential!
Thank u, John @TTK


I am a 29 year old male currently on parole after having served 10 years of the 18 year sentence I was given. To date I have served almost 12 years of my sentence (parole included). I was arrested at the age of 15 and charged for two counts of murder, possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition, and theft. I awaited my trial which was to be held in the JHB Supreme Court by being incarcerated at two different prisons. Sixteen months later I was sentenced to an effective 18 year sentence. I was already used to the prison life and system so it wasn’t really a major adjustment going from being an awaiting trial inmate to being sentenced. About two years later I met John. He came to visit me in prison out of the blue one Saturday and it was a surprise for me as I did not receive regular visitations at that time. He chatted a bit and asked if he could continue to visit me. I told him I would like that and that is how our relationship started. Every time he came to visit we would discuss the universal principals of life which, when disobeyed or not fully or correctly adhered to, would create disharmony in our lives. We covered everything from spirituality, meditation, psychology to metaphysics, quantum physics, and religion. Every time he came to see me we would have a new topic for discussion, sometimes focussing on profound spiritual truths or laws, and at other times mundane things of everyday life. The TTK programme, teaching the essential principals of life, has not only been hugely beneficial in my own life, but also in the lives of others too. I have learnt and applied its principals successfully in my own life and can testify to the authenticity of its teaching, as well as its transformative power. I have learnt so much on this journey with John and TTK, way too much to begin putting down on a short testimonial as this. Perhaps a book will manifest from this someday. Suffice it to say, TTK impacted on my life in a beautiful and profound way and its impact remains till today. I am forever grateful to John and TTK for all they have done for me and for the knowledge I have gained. TTK has supported me through my sentence and was there for me when I was released on parole on the 8th of June 2008, and continues to be there for me today.


A year and a half ago the toughest journey of my life began. I was diagnosed with Addison’s disease. Addison’s is an autoimmune disease whereby the body no longer produces Cortisol which is the main stress hormone in our bodies and help us cope in times of stress. Six months later I was told that I was misdiagnosed and actually have a pure Cortisol Deficiency condition (Hypopituitarism- which in my case was not a tumor but a possible inflammation of the pituitary gland and results too in the body not producing sufficient Cortisol) however, x-rays could not confirm this though. My Endocrinologist has no explanation for why or how I got the condition and that mine was a strange case. As a result I was placed on Cortisol and hormone replacement medication for life and told this would be a life-long condition.
Thinking back I remember the struggle within me as I truly did not feel well a year or so prior to being diagnosed. I felt weak, shaky, my head was fuzzy and I was very anxious and started losing weight rapidly from a physical perspective. Emotionally I was in turmoil and I was filled with hatred, anger and felt the diagnosis just compounded these feelings even more based on my fear for what lay ahead with this condition. I felt like a victim and found it difficult to control what I was feeling and even what I said. This was what the condition sometimes does. Nevertheless 8 months into the illness and with being on medication I felt a bit better physically but emotionally the anger was still there and it consumed me. I was turning into a person I no longer new and was afraid of. I isolated myself resigned from my job and stayed at home for about a year to try and get well. I could not believe what I perceived this condition was doing to me as I was always a very sociable and friendly person with lots of ambition prior to getting so progressively ill.
I knew I had to start understanding what was going on with me and researched and read up on my condition extensively. I read that being stressed exacerbates my already stressful situation because one would be stressed about getting stressed which was a double knock. I then decided to look for help in various places as I knew there was something deeper happening with me than just the condition.As a result I enrolled in relaxation classes. Where I learnt how to meditate and become still and clear some of the blocked energy within me. I then started seeing a Psychologist who listened to my rambling and angry words and guided me to see and made me realize, I had deep issues I had never dealt with from my past. This also helped me to a large degree. The next and very profound leg of my journey however came when I won a prize at a networking breakfast to see John from TTK for one coaching session. I had no idea what that one initial session would lead to as I continued to see John for about 6 sessions thereafter. I was amazed at the different approach used. John did not tell me how to sort out my issues but instead he asked me to dig deep and look at my life and take responsibility for where I am instead of blame. He also led me to a place where I started accepting and to view things within my own reality and create my own reality and truth as opposed to making others’ reality mine and being “controlled” by it. I had to deal and face with many issues I thought I already had done. John used various techniques such as NLP and Congruency. After each session something had changed in me and I felt stronger more self assured and my belief in myself grew daily. I was able to tackle more and approach situations more confidently. My mind was more receptive and open and answers started coming to me with less struggle. Lastly I had learnt that we can do everything from the point of love and even the bad things we need to deal with can be done from a point of love for yourself and others. We do not need turmoil, hatred and anger in this world. This was the biggest flip switch that had been tapped inside of me and I started to see the world through different eyes and feel compassion and forgive and trust in where I find myself.

I then realised that the condition had its part to play but I had actually been in such a bad way emotionally way because I had issues which had surfaced which I had to deal with. I realised that I lived my life whereby my internal state was dictated by the outer world and people in it. I now am learning to let my internal state dictate my external view of the world and what a wonderful empowering feeling it is and comes with great responsibility. The plus side of this is that I was no longer as stressed due to managing my emotions better and was able to gradually reduce my Cortisol medication from taking 25 mg a day to currently taking 10 mg a day. When I last saw my Endocrinologist with the lab results of my Cortisol count she could not believe the difference. My Cortisol levels had actually begun rising instead of declining or being low like they were in the 9 months prior to that as they just were not rising even with the medication due to my stressed state. She said that I should keep doing what I am doing and that we can reduce the Cortisol consumption even further and this is currently my aim and as much as I have been told that I will have to depend on Cortisol for life. I believe that one day I will no longer be Cortisol insufficient despite what the medical profession may believe.

I also firmly believe that through all the people I have met to help me on this path and more especially John that I have managed to change my view and approach to the world and also my internal state and ultimately my condition. I am no longer controlled by my illness like before. I believe this sort of understanding about life and how it works and that we are intertwined and what we give off is what we get back is essential to each and every human being. It reduces the struggle within us and creates room for health, goodness and good experience. Even during bad times it teaches us that we have a choice as to how we want to react and are not merely slaves to our situations, conditions, illnesses etc. Ultimately it can eliminate physical ailments which are sometimes a manifestation of issues and hurts not dealt with. Facing reality is hard but practice can only help and once you no longer live in an illusion the clutter around the challenges in our lives fall away and we can deal with these better. As I sit here writing this I am still going through life’s up s and downs however I am a more focused, grounded and self loving person today because of this. I have made a conscious choice to be this way because it is my choice and this I now understand profoundly and very deeply. I have also realised that what we do not deal with will manifest itself physically and in my case it is not because I was Cortisol insufficient that I was in such a bad way but rather that I was in such a bad way and ignored it that I became Cortisol insufficient. I never lived my life based in the truth and faced my issues and I somehow became ill. Once again, most medical doctors would disagree around this statement however this is my truth and today I feel healthier than I have ever been in my life. It truly shows the power of the mind and what it can do if we choose to use it wisely. Healing is holistic which is mind body and soul and when we work on the level of the mind and soul this is the best place to start and sends healing to the physical body

My final message.....
I am so thankful for the simple things like just feeling ok, I never knew just how good it would be.

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