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Feeling Disillusioned?

 NLP 2


  • Feeling like you are losing the battle against fear and worry?
  • Losing the battle against habits and addictions?
  • Are you at your wit's end, not knowing which way to turn?

Join us for an interactive hands-on workshop, guaranteed (scientifically) to bring about the changes you desire and deserve in your life permanently, by learning the tools you need and how to use them to take back control over your life.


When: Fri. 28 February 17.00 - 21.000

Sat. 1 March 09.00 - 18.00

Sun. 2 March 09 - 18.00

Where: 31 Mulbarton Road, Lonehill

Investment: R 3 750.00 per person – including 20 hours of coaching (valued at R8 000.00), meals, refreshments, notes and certificate of attendance. R 1500.00 deposit secures a seat.

Enquiries: John - 082 728 4766

TTK-01.jpgWorkshop Facilitator John Smith is a former high school teacher and guidance counsellor who currently practices as a certified Life Coach, Recovery Coach, NLP Coach. For more information about his programmes see



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Conflict Resolution and Dialogue Facilitation

The  No-name  Initiative  (NNI)  is  a  transformational  group  process  that  supports  emotional  processing  and expression, awareness dialogue, as well as personal responsibility and accountability.

Some years have passed since the Truth and  Reconciliation  Commission  (TRC). Although  the  TRC  brought about  a  much  needed platform  for reparation  and reconciliation, many who were  not  directly involved  are  still left with unresolved and unprocessed feelings and thoughts about our past. South African citizens seldom have access to platforms in which to express this constructively. There is a desire for change and at the same time, the unprocessed underlying emotional field that includes disempowerment, victimhood, disillusionment, anger, guilt, distrust and apathy is holding us back.

In essences the NNI aims to:

- provide a platform of a transformational group process for citizens; and

- generate the space for creating ownership and personal accountability structures.

A NNI could take anything from two hours to two days and can be used in groups of 5 to 500. We suggest that you

have 4 hours at your disposal to allow for a spacious group process as needed.

The NNI Methodology consists of the following elements:

1. Dreaming (individual and collective)

2. Group process (relying i.e. on principles of Deep Democracy and Worldwork)

3. Personal Commitment (self-empowerment and being accountable)

4. Connection and community (belonging and being part of a greater system)

This  dialogue  process is  embedded  in  change  theory,  deep  democracy,  principles of coaching  and  process work,  as  well  as  ancient  wisdoms. Although the  community/group  always  chooses  and finds  consensus  on their  topic  for  dialogue,  the  process  will  always  endeavour  to  release  underlying  emotional  energy,  express marginalised voices, and address power imbalances towards supporting empowered active citizens.

The NNI group process facilitates dialogue, understanding and change. This process supports the  belief  that once  we  feel  heard  and  understood  as human  beings,  it  then  becomes  easier  to  let  go  of  what has been holding us back and invite change and transformation. From the new emotional field, change and practical solutions becomes easier, and once disempowered citizens become active citizens.