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"Everybody deserves and should have a life worth living. I have dedicated my life to finding helpful ways to assist people to discover this life. Experience has taught me that no matter where you are right now, there is always a way forward. I would love to meet with you and explore how we could get you to experience the life you deserve."

TTK Founder and Facilitator John Smith

TTK Life and Recovery Strategies is not a deductive process, whereby only the symptoms are removed. Rather, it is an inductive process, whereby new possibilities are created. The individual moves from trying to solve problems to creating a compelling future. The more the individual becomes invested in their own success, the more success becomes guaranteed.

TTK Life and Recovery Recovery Strategies founder and facilitator John Smith, a former high school teacher, lecturer and guidance counselor, also uses his training in counseling, addiction recovery coaching, NLP and life coaching to assist those battling substance abuse to design a life of recovery.

John serves as consultant and sessions facilitator at a number of addiction recovery and mental health service providers.  He also conducts various educational and informative programs, including public talks, seminars and workshops on topics ranging from personal development to addiction recovery. He also facilitates private sessions.

John's approach and methodologies were developed from his training and ongoing personal study and research, observations in working in the addiction recovery field as well as his own experiences in his personal development and recovery.

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TTK Founder and Facilitator: John Smith

Watch the video of John talking about his childhood sexual abuse


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