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Do You Deserve It Or Are You Mistaken

By Aaron Potts

When thinking about your desires in life, there are 2 concepts that usually come into play. One of these concepts is obvious, the other is not, but both are powerful in determining whether or not you get what you want! The most obvious thing that people think about is how they are going to accomplish any given task. This is probably the most self-limiting practice that you can consciously partake in.

Yes, it is a good idea to take action whenever you are inspired to do something that will take you towards your goal. However, if you constantly focus on how you are going to get something that you want, then you will easily fall prey to circumstances that take you off track. Your only job in the process of creating what you want is to focus on what you want. The “how’s” will work themselves out by the simple fact of you staying focused on what it is that you desire. The second concept is a bit more slippery to grasp, although it is equally as powerful in determining whether or not you are going to get whatever it is that you are after in life.

The concept that I am talking about is whether or not you believe – on the inside, where it counts – that you truly deserve whatever it is that you are wanting to attain. What you have in your life right now represents very specifically what you think that you deserve. The beliefs that each of us have about our lives have been ingrained in us over the years and serve to dictate our lives on a day to day basis. If those beliefs are positive and empowering, then you are good to go. However, if those beliefs about what we deserve are limiting, they are now coined as “self-limiting beliefs” and that is exactly what they do – they limit us to a certain level of success in life. For some people, this comes in the form of health and weight loss. They don’t truly believe that they deserve to be healthy and beautiful like other people, so they subconsciously manifest that result over and over again into their lives.

For even more people, this same concept manifests itself with regard to their financial status. If you truly believed that you were deserving of riches, and that you could handle the “wealthy” lifestyle, then you would be in the process of manifesting that lifestyle every day. Although most people will say indignantly, “I deserve money!”, the truth is that there is a self-limiting belief underneath the surface that is feeding them just enough of the opposite thoughts to keep them from ever amassing any significant wealth. However here is the thing that you should take away from reading this post that can literally cause you to start manifesting money – or anything else – right at this moment: If you have a strong enough desire as well as a belief that you deserve wealth, health, or anything else, you will set the universal forces in motion that will bring those things to you – just because you want them and believe that you deserve them. Continue reading