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Three Reasons Why You Are Not Living Your Dream Life

By Gary Evans

Are you living your dream life? If not, there are three main reasons why this is so. They may sound simple, and in a way they are. Like everything else, they are habits, and habits can be changed. It’s a matter of putting your attention on making the desired changes.

The first reason you may not be living your dream life is…

That you don’t have any idea what your dream life would look like. This is often pointed out in books and workshops on goals. You can’t very well achieve goals you’ve never set! Your dream life is related to this, but a little different, and actually more important even than goals. For when we talk about a dream life, we mean the sum total of everything you want. It is more of a picture than a goal. This is how some people lose sight of it, or never set their sites on it in the first place. Just because it’s a “big picture” kind of vision doesn’t mean it’s too big or intangible for you to map out.

You don’t need to know all the specific details of what your dream life will look like, but you do need to know the general outline. For example, you probably can say or write down the kind of home you’d like to live in, the kind of relationships, the kind of health and the kind of financial situation. Put all of this down in the form of affirmations or goal statements. You can also create a “dream board” to go along with the statements -images that are visual representations of what you’d like to attract. Remember, your life doesn’t have to exactly replicate the pictures you choose. These are only guidelines, but very important all the same, as it gives your imagination something to work towards. Continue reading