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A Life Of Purpose

By Bill Burridge

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"The purpose of life is a life of purpose." Ok, I have to agree that this is a pretty common saying amongst the life coaching fraternity - but in this complex 'game' we call life, I can't help believing that this little phrase provides a tantalizing clue to what it takes to be a winner! The trouble is, for so many of us, understanding our true life purpose is just not that easy or simple. Can you say, categorically, hand on heart, that you know with clarity what your life purpose is? And if you're one of the fortunate mortals who answered yes to this question, here's another: "Are you living your life on purpose?" Thanks, in large part, to my introduction to life coaching, I now know what my life purpose is, I can honestly say that I feel I am really starting to live it and my life is certainly changing for the better. But you know what? Continue reading

What We Know Does Not Help Us

By John Smith

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There is a saying that states, “Knowledge is power.” Although there may be some degree of truth in this statement, it also leaves a lot unsaid. If knowledge in itself ultimately is power, why do we continue to do the things we know are harmful or disempowering to ourselves and to others? If knowledge on its own were enough, surely knowing not to do something should stop us from doing it. There is however, a deeper reality than only knowledge when it comes to our actions. The truth is that what we know is not necessarily enough to make the difference. It goes much deeper than that. The truth is that not only our knowledge, but also ultimately our beliefs determine the outcome.

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