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Your Thoughts Determine Your Body

Following is an excerpt from an article that appeared in the New York Post.

"Think you've got the body of someone half your age? Turns out you're right. If you're in your late 30s, your muscles are only around 15 years old, say scientists. And some of your parts aren't much older than a newborn's - your eyelashes are only 2 months old, while the surface of your skin has been around a mere two weeks.

That's the word from scientists in Sweden uncovering new information about the way the body breaks down and renews itself. They found that as you get older, your cells are constantly dying off and being regenerated, meaning many parts of your body are years younger than your chronological age.

Your taste buds? New every 10 days. Your bones? Ten years old, on average.

Your cerebellum? It's roughly three years younger than you are, which is something to consider next time you're tempted to shave a few years off the age in your online dating profile."


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What You Believe Is What You Expect Is What You Receive

As Featured On EzineArticles

How often have you heard the following statements, "I will believe it when I see it" or, "If I don't expect too much I will not be disappointed". Taking them at face value, these statements seem to make some sense. However, the reality is that they violate some essential universal principles. The truth is that we have a belief and expectation about everything in our current reality. That is why we experience whatever it is that we experience. To say that you do not believe or expect anything is, as far as universal principles are concerned, erroneous. It is more accurate to say you believe something is not so or you expect for something not to happen.

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Do You Feel It?

As you know, what you focus on you create.
When you think about lack, you create more things to feel
lack about.
When you allow yourself to feel powerless, fearful or lost,
you create more things to feel powerless, fearful or lost about.
You can't get rid of something if you keep focusing on it.
Each time you focus on it, you create more of it.

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The Power Of Thoughts

By Remez Sasson

Prov. 23:7 “…as he thinks in his heart, so is he.”

Mind power is the second strongest power next to the spirit. The thoughts that pass through your mind are responsible for everything that happens in your life. Your predominant thoughts influence your behavior and attitude and control your actions and reactions. As your thoughts are, so is your life.

You have to be careful of what you think. Thoughts are like a video cassette that is played in the VCR of the mind. What you play is what you see and experience. What you think is what you live. To make changes in your life it is necessary to eject the old video cassette, and insert a new one that you like.

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Stress And The Law Of Cause And Effect

As Featured On EzineArticles

The number one challenge that many people in the modern world are struggling with today is stress. It is said that stress is one of the main causes of illness, and in many cases even suicide. What is the main cause of stress? Simply put, it is resistance to anything that is perceived to be undesirable or unpleasant, or alternatively trying to force that which is not, to be. This resisting or forcing is as a result of negative thoughts and perceptions about a situation or circumstance, which in turn cause negative emotions, creating stress. This, in medical scientific terms means the release of stress hormones (cortisol and adrenaline) in the body, creating the fear-based "flight of fight" response. How do you overcome stress? The best way is essentially by learning to accept every situation or circumstance as it is. This may sound like a tall order, impossible to do for some, but as soon as you learn to understand some very important principles in this regard, it will start to make more sense.

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